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Egg stimulating drugs

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    Egg stimulating drugs

    Don't know if anyone caught the special on the Discovery H&H about the family with the sixtuplets last night. It's been playing for several weeks now and I believe, will continue.

    I thought the mother underwent IVF but my husband said she said she used another method. She took stimulating drugs but didn't catch what they, or the process, was called.

    Don't worry, have no inclination to have sixtuplets, but I was intruiged. What did she do?

    Also read about a town in China that had an unusual number of twins: the women were taking an-over the counter drug such as this to increase their chances of twins to avoid the one-child policy. Anyone understand/have experience with this?

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    Hi, I read the same article but if I remember correctly the article also talked about ( and I have read other articles on this) the complications associated with mutiple preganancuies and births.
    Advances in medicine have made multiple pregnancies and births much safer these days but that coomplications are always more likely to arise in multiple births.

    There have been calls within the medical profession in the UK recently to stop IVF centres implanting mmultiple embyros in women in a bid to stop the rise in multiple pregnancies.

    Just one issue surrounding egg producing drugs.

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    I have heard about these drugs (some of the names for it are Clomid or Serophene) as I had a friend who took one of these to help regulate her ovulation and periods after coming off the pill for 14 years. She is almost 18 weeks pregnant now and hasn't had a scan yet (she's waiting for the 18 week, didn't want the 12) and the doctor told her a few weeks ago that she looked too big for where she is in her pregnancy and there is a good chance she is pregnant with twins. She'll find out next week.

    Anyway, I did a lot of reading on it as I was thinking of taking it myself and read that one of possible side effects in years to come if you take the drug too much (and too much wasn't much from what I read) is ovarian cancer. That was enough for me to persist naturally. One of the other side effects is multiple pregnancies as the drug stimulates egg production and there is a good chance you will produce more than one.

    This is obviously all just hearsay and desktop research...

    If you google 'ovulation stimulating drugs' you will find a lot of info on it - side effects, how it's taken etc, etc. Good luck!

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    my doctor tells me that other side effects of clomid are the following:

    - thickening of the mucous - if sperm's hubbies are weak/slow, more difficulty to get through

    - thinning of the uterine lining - may lead to infertility if women are pre-disposed to this

    I wasn't recommended this drug

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    here's an early article on them:

    the gosselins conceived using iui, where sperm is transferred into the fallopian tubes after the woman has taken follicle stimulating drugs.

    considering they already had twins, (so the doctor knew she responded well to follicle producing drugs), the doctor who prescribed her the drugs should have monitored her much more carefully, and given her many more scans so they could have adjusted the drug levels during the days leading up to ovulation which would have prevented the release of at least six mature follicles. really reckless and poor monitoring on the re's part.

    i do have multiples, (via ivf) and was really impressed with the organisation of their home.

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