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Anyone fall pregnant while breastfeeding?

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    Anyone fall pregnant while breastfeeding?

    Wondered how many of us, not on contraception, fell pregnant while breastfeeding (fully or partial)? Had been told the chances are miniscule but have also just learned of others who conceived while fully breastfeeding?

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    my sister did! she was counting on breastfeeding as a natural contraceptive and she got pregnant. she was told that it doesn't happen often but there is still a chance it will, and she fell victim to "chance"... we laugh about this a lot now

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    LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method)

    There is a contraception method based on breastfeeding called LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method) which is between 98 and 99% effective.

    Mothers who breastfeed usually skip their menstrual period for some time after birth. Skipping periods during breastfeeding is called “lactational amenorrhea.” During lactational amenorrhea women are less likely to get pregnant, though the possibility still exists. LAM involves relying on lessened fertility during breastfeeding to space pregnancies. To use LAM effectively, a woman must:

    • Breastfeed only (baby must not get any other food, water, tea, or formula)
    • Breastfeed often (the more feedings, the better)
    • Allow baby to suck at the breast as long as he or she wishes at each feeding (no dummies or pacifiers!)
    • Begin using another kind of birth control as soon as she has her first period. (Any vaginal bleeding more than 56 days after giving birth counts as a period.)
    • Begin using another kind of birth control when her baby is 6 months old.

    It is estimated that the effectiveness of the method reduces to 70% for mothers who return to work and provide breast milk rather than breastfeeding. Pumping is not as stimulating to your breast as direct feeding.
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    Well, I fell at six months. My daughter had started solids at about 5 and a half months and I was pumping one feed a day 'cos I was working part-time. Never had a period.
    Apart from that, I was doing all according to LAM.

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    I think there is a very low chance if under 6 months and exclusively BF. I got pregnant while BF, but my baby was 16 months, BF only a few times/day and I was trying to get pregnant.

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    There was an interesting article in the LLL magazine last year on breastfeeding and fertility:
    It covers the information given by Sarah plus some anecdotes about several women's diverse experiences.

    Sounds like when used correctly LAM can be just as effective as other contraceptive methods. I'm sure we have all heard of people who fell pregnant while they were on the pill as well! You can also use LAM in conjunction with temperature taking to enhance its reliability.

    My periods resumed at 6 and 5 months postpartum respectively with my two babies, when I was still exclusively breastfeeding. In fact my second baby fed more frequently than the first in the daytime but she slept for a longer stretch at night at an earlier age, which perhaps caused my periods to resume earlier with my second baby. I guess that some women with high fertility levels (I also fell pregnant for the first time on the first weekend of trying...) have their fertility levels only suppressed when doing "maximum" breastfeeding around the clock.

    When I went back to work part-time after they were 6 months old, I counted myself very unlucky to have to find time to change tampons, sanitary towels, wash hands, and pump milk in my too-short breaks! (And my period always seemed to be heaviest on my busiest days at work...) But I think most people enjoy the benefits of no periods for a bit longer.

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    Don't trust the rules!

    I was happily breastfeeding my first baby 100% and didn't really think about birth control... And yes - it happens! My son was just 4 months old when I became pregnant again. He has s a sister who is exactly one year + 2 weeks younger and they are very good friends now. However considering all the trouble during the first 6 months of my daughters life I would probably recommend to wait a little longer.


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    pregnancy whilst breastfeeding

    What most women seem to overlook is that ovulation always happens BEFORE menstruation. Menstruation is to get rid of the not inseminated egg, otherwise there is no need for a menstruation. Therefore, you will always get pregant BEFORE your first menstruation, provided you had intercourse during and min. 48 hours before and after ovulation, no matter you're breastfeeding or not. Breastfeeding only minimizes the chances, but you can still get pregnant of course. Try the so called "minipill" instead, which is normally safe to take immediately after delivery (under prescription and supervision of your doctor though).

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