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Breast infection from feeding

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    Breast infection from feeding

    Has anyone developed mastitis from breastfeeding? If so, how did you deal with it and how long did it last?

    I developed mastitis in mid-July and was on a course on antibiotics. It didn't completely heal and now am on a 2nd course of antibiotics. The doctor I saw said that there is no abscess but there is still redness and slight pain/tenderness in that area.

    Any comments appreciated - also if anyone can recommend a good doctor who is experienced in this area, please let me know!

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    I had mastitis when my daughter was 1 month old...OUCH!! The first doctor didn't give me a strong enough dose of antibiotics (I was so sick I couldn't even make it to my OB/GYN in Central...I just went to a local doctor). So I neded up going to my OG/GYN a few days later and he sorted me out with the right antibiotics. His name is Dr. Wilfred Wong (2123 5985) and he is a wonderful person to deal with. He also did an ultrasound of the infected breast to check for absesses...thankfully I didn't have any.

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    With mastitis a long course of antibiotics are often required, usually 10 days and sometimes as long as 15 days. Very often when you get a repeat case of mastitis it is because the first case didn’t completely clear up.

    The best things to do for mastitis are:

    • Keep the breast as empty as possible. Breastfeed as much as the baby will allow. If he isn’t feeding that much express the milk to keep the breast empty.
    • Try changing positions while feeding. The place that the baby has the best suction is at his chin. Try to place the baby’s chin on the lump – sometimes this means lying flat on your back with the baby lying on top of you. It is possible to swing the baby around as though he were a clock hand and your nipple was the centre of the clock. Another useful position is lying the baby flat on its back on the bed and crawling over the baby to dangle your breast into his mouth. This is difficult to maintain for more than a few minutes but often this is all that is needed.
    • Apply wet or dry heat especially just before feeding. Gently massaging the sore area of the breast before breastfeeding can assist the breast in further emptying.
    • Try to get rest. Getting plugged ducts is often the first sign that you are doing too much.

    Direct breastfeeding is usually much better than pumping. The baby is much more efficient than any breast pump.

    There is a web page from the LLLI web site called
    My breast hurts. What can I do?

    You will see that the main treatment is nurse frequently, rest and apply heat to the tender area.

    There is a second article that goes into more depth called
    Mastitis--Plugged Ducts and Breast Infections

    Best wishes,

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    I recently suffered from a blocked duct.It occurred after a 13hour flight and jetlag so definately related to doing to much!I just fed fom that breast first at every feed and massaged when in the shower.Cleared up in two days.

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