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Car seat law in Australia

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    Car seat law in Australia

    I will be doing a trip to Australia soon and my baby will be 3 months old. Will I need to take my car seat with me? We will be taking a lot of taxis or will I be able to get away with my Baby Bjorn and put the buckle inbetween me and baby like we do here in HK?

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    Have you read this

    I didn't read in detail. In the UK, you can take a child unrestrained in a taxi not fitted with a suitable restraint.

    However, as a mother, if you have a seat and given your baby is so little, I'd be taking it especially if you are driving out of the city.

    You can consider renting a car and seat - it may be not much more expensive than taking 'a lot of' taxis and will give you that extra freedom.


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    As I understand it, it is compulsary to use car seats for children under 1 year in Australia (even in taxis, which have an exemption from the law in the UK). Many, but not all taxis carry car seats. but many are forward facing which would be unsuitable for a 3 month old.

    It would be easier to bring your seat with you, at least you then know that you always have a clean safe seat that is properly adjusted for your child.

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