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Any opinions on Renaissance College or the IB Programme?

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    Any opinions on Renaissance College or the IB Programme?

    Is anyone sending their kids to RCHK's Primary School? If yes, what do you think of the school? And what do you think of their Chinese programme? Or the IB Programme in general?

    As a Canadian Chinese family, we want our son to be bilingual, i.e., fluent in speaking/reading/writing English and Chinese (Mandarin), I heard that the IB curriculum requires the children to study a second language; and I think RCHK has 4 lessons a week on Chinese(?) at the primary levels, is this true? How would the level of the Chinese (Mandarin) taught in the IB programme compare to that taught in, say, English Medium Schools?

    I'd appreciate any opinions or comments on RCHK or the IB programme.


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    HI! I'm studying at KGV and I'm a year 12 student. KGV just changed to the IB program and although at first it seems like a tough curriculum, it is actually a very very good one because you are guaranteed a wide range of knowledge, unlike the A-Levels where you are only allowed to focus on 3-4 subjects. Universities are wanting students who contain a broader knowledge of subjects and so, the IB is definitely a good choice for your children as it creates a safe and easy passage towards higher studies. Hope this helps you :)

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    Due to the bright yellow banner suggesting me not to reply, I will only keep it short for other parents who click into this page

    Creative Primary School is a very good choice for families who are looking for bilingual study environment for the kids. CPS has launched IB for almost ten years, but at the same time keeping up with TSA standard for the major four subjects.

    My child is in his 3rd grade and enjoying his happy and relax childhood. It makes us a happy parents because he is able to keep a good level of Chinese at the same time very relax school life with not much homeworks like other kids from local stream.

    There may not be many Caucasian kids around because Cantonese is the media, but learning Putonghua and English from native speakers.

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