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Best way to freeze baby food on plane?

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    Yes I made some full meals. Mac n cheese was one and then savoury rice was another and then bolognaise sauce (with meat) but no pasta with it -just the sauce - then added fresh pasta with it when serving - mild chicken curry was the other -then added steamed rice with it when serving.. SO helpful to have the meals with you already I found.. Hope it works out fine for you and that you have a wonderful time.

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    I pack the cool bag with food into the hold as it is colder and take a 2nd cool bag onboard with me with just the food for that day (including for when I arrive so that you can 'hit the ground running'). I usually also freeze full meals, but I also take little bags or boxes of pasta, rice and lentils or couscous or similar so that you can cook it up when you get there to add to food as well. I also take a portable travel warmer with me which I find a god send for bottles and for defrosting food. Once the food runs out I usually 'borrow' veg and fish or chicken from my 5 year olds plate for the baby and mix it up with some rice or pasta. If it is dry you can always add a small amount of apple juice. This is OK if your baby is old enough for 'chunks' but if you still need it fully pureed you will need to take your blender with you (which I have also done in the past!). The lengths we go to for our children!!! (by the way, I also always take a sponge and washing up liquid with me so that I can wash all the bowls, spoons, bottles/blender etc straightaway - you find in a lot of hotels they dont like to 'touch' baby things and also if you arrive at your destination late you need to be prepared for the morning)...

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    hi kellyst

    im flying air france to Paris next month with an 8 week old baby and would be grateful for any feedback on your trip. im expressing all my baby's feeds so will need to refridgerate my milk if possible.


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