Hi All,

Thanks for all the great feedback. I went to the Consulate today and thankfully the line-up was not really long becuase I just needed to pick up the forms we need to fill out (printer at home broke). The woman behind the counter was really nice and had the patience to explain a few things to me and go over all the paper work we have already filled out. I went to a couple travel agents and no one would issue me a TEV ticket... so thanks peainpod for letting me know where you went at Worldwide House... I will go there tomorrow and get one.

The woman did wonder where the helper was... she has already headed back... so thank gosh I had a copy of her past visa, HKID card and the contracts.

While my husband is back tomorrow and can look after this, thank you "fee" for the heads up about including my HKID number and name with the forms so I can pick them up if my husband can't.

I think my big belly helped me out a bit, the woman was really kind and patient and I' sure could tell I was new at the hiring-a-helper-thing. While I understand why 99.9% of people go through an agency, once you know what you are doing and get all the paperwork together it is quite simple.

Thanks again everyone!