We are an American family just arrived in HK and are in need of a helper. We have almost five year old twin boys, who are very lively and, um, "challenging," to put it nicely. We are moving soon into a good-sized townhome with maid's room.

We found an extremely good helper (or, should we say, she found us) on our first day here, but it now turns out that her current employer will not be relocating until the end of December. We are keen on having her, and she us, but I need someone until then, or need to simply find another helper. Does anyone know of a helper, full or part-time, who may be available just until the end of the year? Or can someone recommend a helper to take on for the full contract term? Being good (confident and assertive) with kids is priority, but we would also like someone who can cook and clean, if possible. Laundry is low priority. Best if familiar with western families and with good English, as my boys are hearing impaired. If she has the right qualifications and experience, we are willing to pay a premium.

Thank you for any references.