I am looking for a second full-time helper to take care of my 5 month old twins. I already have a helper who does a great job (although she is a bit dozy at times) but I will be returning to work soon so I need another. The new helper MUST be very experienced with babies and have the following:

- experience with taking babies/toddlers to playgroup (preferably Montessori but this may be asking for too much!)
- good command of English. My current helper's English is very poor which is why she misunderstands a lot of things. I therefore need one who can teach the babies to read etc.
- experience with a western family in HK. Must be familiar with HK as she will be required to take my babies to various playgroups etc so will need to know her way round.
- good cooking skills. My current helper can't cook so it's been painful trying to teach her when she hasn't tried most of the dishes so doesn't know what it should taste like!

I will need the helper to start at end of Sept/early October. If anyone has an excellent helper which they can recommend and no longer need, please PM me.

Many thanks