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Things to pack to the hospital

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    Things to pack to the hospital


    I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second. I had my first in Canada. What items do I need to pack with me to the hospital in Hong Kong? I will be going to a private hospital and it's the Hong Kong Baptist hospital to be exact. In Canada, if you have natural delivery you will be out of the hospital the next day and with the Canadian Health care system, I didn't have to pay for anything except for the telephone setup fee. I only had to bring my Health card, my hospital card, diapers for my newborn, the breastfeeding pillow and a change of clothing for myself and the newborn when we leave the hospital, the rest the hospital would supply. Thanks for any advice.

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    Camera, DVD recorder, chargers, etc. You might feel more comfortable in your own night clothes, maybe nightgown, change of underwear and slippers. I think the hospital takes care of most of the baby's needs so you mainly have to take what you would need for a few days in hospital. Though may need some clothes and blanket for baby on leaving the hospital.

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    I delivered at the Union and they provided most things, such as disposable maternity knickers, maternity sanitary pads (1pack), nursing gowns, slippers, toothbrush/paste and squeezy bottle for cleansing (vaginal birth).

    The only things they didn't provide was a bath towel and nursing breast pads, and I would also take a dressing gown as the nursing gowns are not very flattering!

    They took care of all baby's needs so only bring clothes and blanket for leaving.

    Check with the Baptist too, as we got a letter from the Union advising us what to bring. But we were still able to buy things from the hospital shop.

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