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Induction / Augmentation

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    snuggles, you had the baby? How did everything go?

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    Hi All,

    I am glad someone has started this post about being induced. My due date was September 17th and I am pretty sure I am no where close to having the baby. I have been going to QM and at my last "doctor" appointment he said they would let me go a week before inducing me, but I really don't want to be induced. I have since started going to a private (Western) doctor for advice and he said as long as I feel good and the baby is fine he said 2 weeks will be okay. I don't plan on going back to QM until I go into labour or the "private" doctor says I should be induced.

    I would really prefer to let nature take its course. When this little one inside me wants to come out she will. I have heard induced labours can be harder and more complications arise so why rush it if both you and the baby are ok.

    I think the only ones who want me to be induced are the grand-parents-to-be who all want to see their first grandchild.


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    agree with all the advice and interested to know the name of your ob/gyn. i was induced/augmented at 37.5 weeks as i was 2 cm dilated with mild contractions. my baby wasn't ready and was still labouring after i had my waters ruptered and epidural and had an emergency c. my baby is strong and healthy now but was in intensive care for a week (not in the same hospital) due to water on lungs and their inability to breathe on his own. i will never know but i'm quite sure i should have let things take their course. - of course i trusted my doc but i should have called a midwife or something for second opinion i felt very rushed. hope it went well!!!

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