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How long will it take for the DH to adjust

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    How long will it take for the DH to adjust

    Our new DH is just on board. But she doesn't seem to be on high spirit. I know it's because she is new to HK and just left her 2 kids (the small one is just 2+ yr old). But her spirit affects me, making me feel low too. And such sprits (hers and mine) are not good to the baby's growth i think.

    did you gals all hired DH with prior experience in HK? How long does it take for the new ones to adjust? should have known better...

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    I think that depends on the person really. Our DH never worked abroad so we were particularly concerned about her emotions during the first couple months. We would ask her every few days how she's coping. She sent letters home almost everyday at the beginning and after a month or so, the letters were less frequent and we knew she was starting to adjust.

    If yours has kids back home it is only natural that she misses them. Things would only get worse if she held back her feelings and can't release her emotions, so I would encourage her to talk about home and the family in a 'positive' way.

    There must be 'something' that motivates her to work overseas, perhaps her children's education, better quality life etc... ask her about her dreams, what drives her to come to HK, what she is going to do with the money etc... she'll be all motivated as soon as she sees the bright future.

    Give it some time. Hope it all works out for you very soon.

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