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Any self employed mums out there returned to work after long break?

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    Feb 2006

    though can't take long breaks from work, running my own business does allow me to spend a lot of time with the baby. I take him to all the doctor visits, check ups and vaccination. When he's not well, I can stay home. When my hubby is out of town, I would come home early from work or simply work from home so our boy has more than just his nanny. I can't spend the same amount of time with the baby as stay at home mums do but comparing to being a full time employee, this is a pretty good!

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    Was working full-time in the ad industry and quit when my first one was 6 months old. Always thought of myself as a career person, but my priorities totally changed after having a baby. Starting Baby Signs Hong Kong has given me a good 'balance' in that I am still "working," but it's a job that allows me plenty of time with my family and it is also something that I LOVE doing and totally "relevant" at this particular stage in my life.

    One thing I can say, though, is that when you start your own business, you need to be totally aware of the realities, the trade-offs (e.g. the investment money- and time-wise, etc.). Depending on what you want, what you're looking to achieve, what you end up with, it can be either very fulfilling and rewarding or frustrating. Have to go in with both eyes open. Good luck (and happy to answer questions if you PM me).

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