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Medical Expenses - First Year

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    We are very fortunate to have company insurance that covers in and out patient for us and our baby.

    Each time we go for an injection for baby it costs around $1000 ($400 consultation fee for Dr and the rest for the vaccination).
    He's now 11 months and has had 3 vaccination visits- would have to check his book.
    Then around 12 months will have 3 more- MMR, chicken pox and flu.
    He's been to Dr for a croup (around $600 w/medicine) and hand, foot and mouth ($400, no medicine).

    We have been to well baby clinic, around $100 each time (4 visits since he was born)>

    Yes it is true you can go to the govt. clinics but they aren't easy to get to. Our private Dr is right here in DB and takes seconds to get to; to go the govt. clinic I'd have to get on the bus and walk- not much fun with a sick child. It's just a lot more convienient. Plus you can call them 24 hrs, if you go the public route you would have to take them to A&E to see a Dr which for us would mean a journey on the ferry and then in a taxi- also not much fun with a sick child.

    I have also heard- and this is just a rumour- that the govt. clinics use the cheapest form of each vaccination available and so your child is more likely to have a reaction to it....again, this is just a rumour and may not be true.

    Personally I think it can be worrying enough having a sick child without having to deal with the long waits, language and communication problems you get in a govt. clinic/hospital.

    I know the medical care in both is usuaully excellent, but if you can afford private I would always say take it- excellent service and comfort counts for a lot if you or your child are sick.

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    Sai Kung

    hey beky... if you've got cover, by all means, go private, i would...however, full coverage is VERY expensive. and not all of us can afford it. that's where gov't clinics come in handy.
    ps. i've never had a problem with communication at a gov't clinic. i've now used both, tung chung and tseung kwan o...but you're right the wait is interminable!

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    Hi Cara- yes I know how fortunate we are to have private cover provided by the company. And I realise many people use the govt. system and are very happy with it.
    My experiences with the govt. system have been mixed....(I haven't always had full cover, my Father was a civil servant and we were expected to use the govt. system which we did for a little while!) and a lot varies from hospital to hospital, and Doctor to Doctor.

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    Hospital Insurance


    I just want to share my recent decision that pay a Hospital coverage for my baby boy (at 1.5 years old). In fact, Both my husband and myself work as employees and with good medical insurance covered for whole family members by employers. But finally I still brought a Hospital coverage (minimum level) for my son at my own cost. This is because there is "pre-existing" term that may prevent my child being covered for sickness included in future. For example, if my child confirmed a sickness (major) in 2007 Sep. My husband changes job (employer) in 2007 Oct, new employer provides coverage for my husband and family. But the sickness included before (called pre-existing) may be excluded--> no covered under provision of new company insurance coverage. So I make up my mind to pay few hundred HKD a month (hospital benefit only) to protect my child.

    For out-patient, I think the cost is not major, so I just leave it.
    Not worth to extra buy, as it has covered by employers medical insurance benefit.

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