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Conception Planning

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    Conception Planning

    Hi all,

    I have a lovely one year old daughter and am trying to get pregnant again! Like all parents who wish to have one of each gender, I am hoping to conceive a boy. There are all these books about alkalizing food diets, timing, Chinese birthing charts etc..., so I am slightly confused. For our first child, my husband and I didn't really use specific methods.

    Do these methods work? Has anyone tried using these methods? Did they work? Can you suggest a method that helps maximize the chances of conceiving a boy?

    There are also superstitious people saying that the year of the pig is good for boys. Do you know what the year of rat favors?

    Any advice is appreciated=)

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    Some people will swear by it, but it's all up to your hubbys sperm. I don't believe that there is anyway you can influence which gender comes.

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    I heard that some obs willing to perform gender selection from your hubby's sperm, that is separate the sperm in a lab and then manually inject to your body.
    You need to ask your obs whether he willing to do that or not.

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    I used a website company called Gender Selection for my third conception.They send you specific dates to BD on to concieve the gender of your choice.Don't know how ot works but I concieved a boy after my two girls.

    Good luck

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