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Best pump for going back to work

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    jacqui is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2007
    hong kong

    Hi Premama,

    I am looking for a manual pump, i was wondering if you are still using yours and if not whether or not you are willing to sell it. I bought a minielectric but i can only use it where there is power. I need one for wher I am out and about. Thanks.

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    geiboyi is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2004
    cheung chau

    I used both a Medela PIS ($4000!) and an Avent Isis manual ($50 used, but about $350 new, I think) - although the PIS was easy as I could read/internet at the same time, the Avent pumped about the same amount in not much longer. If you think you'll be b/f for a long time, or for more than one babe, then the PIS is good, if not get an Isis.

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