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Applying for Primary School Places

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    Applying for Primary School Places

    Can anyone tell me when you actually have to start applying for primary schools? My son was born in Jan 04 so I know for ESF he would have to apply next year for the year after. What about the other International schools? I know alot have existing waiting lists but can you also apply a year in advance?

    Also how many schools do parents usually apply too? I'm assuming you don't just appply for one incase you're not accepted. What's normal number?

    Also one last question .. Do Kindergartens/Pre-Schools help you with this procedure or are you on your own? We're currently at a Woodland Pre-School if that makes any difference.

    Thanks alot!

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    It really depends on the school you are looking at. Most you apply 1 year before you want to start attending, then they interview everyone. Some schools give priority to those who submit applications first. I intend to apply to 2 pre-schools (which both have primary as well) for my son and then at least 1 primary, since he can also stay with the same school he goes to pre-school at if he doesn't get into our first choice primary. I'm not sure if that's what most people do but that's what I'm doing.

    You can ask Woodland if they'll help you. At least they'll give you school records, etc to use when you apply to primary.

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