Help! My baby girl is 7.5 mths old, when we feed her solid food, she will store it in her mouth and it'll slobber down her chin when another spoon is given. We tried different texture of foods from smooth purees to cereals (adding her favorite fruit) and it still happens. She wasn't a very good eater from the beginning when we started on solids about 2 mths ago, but it just got worse these few days. Maybe she's teething but her gums are not swollen and there are no bumps.

She drinks about 25-27 oz of milk a day, but takes 1/2 in the night which means waking up 2-3x a night which is driving me and my husband mad with lack of sleep. Because she drinks so much milk at night, she only takes 1-2 oz of for her 1st milk feed at 7am when she usually takes 5-6 oz. We try not to feed her at night and only rock her back to sleep but she'll wake up crying for her milk so we have to feed her.

I'll be very grateful if any mommies out there is facing the same problem with their baby or has a solution I can try. Thanks!