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Which airline will you choose?

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    Yes that's true can always hold baby when less than 24 months on lap for a 12 hour plus least technically..I think that having baby on lap works best the younger they are but other parents may have different experiences!!

    PracticalMama I think you are right about the weight supported by the bassinets..but also need to keep in mind the length..we found our baby was ok for the weight limit but then was too tall to fit into the Singapore Airlines bassinet which was like a box attached to the bulkhead..

    and let us know how flight goes..

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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I would always say fly direct if you can. I can't imagine it would be much fun to have to make one journey, then get off the plane and wait for the next plane with a baby!

    When you check in most airlines ask how old your baby is, rather than the weight...not sure why!

    The last long haul flights we took we were v lucky to get an empty seat next to us for our son, he is too big for the bassinet. I don't know how we would of coped without that extra seat, espec. now he is walking and v active....and he's heavy! It would of been very tough to of held him for 11-12 hrs.

    I would consider buying him a seat from now on, although we fly standby so wouldn't make any difference, he still wouldn't be guranteed a seat!

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