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Pollution always this bad?

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    So it's important that we don't just involve 'expat's concerned about the pollution....but local Mothers do- there are plenty on this site! So please local Mothers, permanent residents, expats. regardless of how long you have lived here- let's hear your views too!

    Neha- one step ahead of you, already posted new thread!

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    Unhappy Haze and Air Pollution

    Last week I went up on our local hill, the NanShan. While up there I observed a number of aircraft approaching the Shenzhen airport. The entire region - including what I could see of Hong Kong - was covered with a darker layer of air, and as the aircraft descended they disappeared in these darker layers.

    Additionally, there were a couple of occasions when the air at ground level had a bad and biting smell to it. So I guess that my earlier comments need to be amended as these experiences make me realize that the hazy air is probably caused in part by pollution and that is bigger than I had thought.


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