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Refuse to eat!!

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    Refuse to eat!!

    My 3.5 months old baby recently refuse to eat. He used to take 5-6oz every 4 hours. However, these two days he has significantly less. Like yesterday, he has 6 oz in the morning, 3 oz at noon, 3 oz at 4pm and then 6oz at 10pm. Since he has so little during the day, I therefore woke him up at 1am to feed him again but he only has 3.5 oz. He is big 16.8 ilbs... having so little (only 21.5 oz) worries me and also he is having less.

    Don't know how it will go today but he only has 4 oz this morning!

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    i think 21.5 oz is ok our son used to have some days only 16-18 and we tried forcing him but he would just refuse and our son was small he was only 8-9 lbs at that age.

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