Hi Everyone

I'm now 10wks pregnant and I suddenly came down with a plugged ear. I had the ear checked by a GP (to see if it was blocked or something) and he said it was all clear. I haven't had any sickness (sore throat, fever, cough, etc.) and so it couldn't be put down to any sinus infection. In the end the doctor said that I should rest and give it a few days and it might just clear up on its own.

However, when I searched the internet I read about something called patulous eustachian tube, which can happen if you are pregnant. This didn't happen to me with my first born. Has anyone heard about this? Has anyone had the same symptom that I'm having? It's very annoying and I'm worried that I'll get a lot of ear pain when I travel (taking a long haul trip next week)!

Any thoughts / comments / advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!