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Not Enough Milk?

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    Not Enough Milk?

    My baby is on formula and currently 3 weeks old. It has been recommended that at each feed (every 3 hours), she is to be given 4 ounces. Seems she drinks the milk rather quickly and after the bottle is empty, she is still asking for more. I do not give her anymore than the recommended amount, but have read recently that each baby is different so wondering is it ok to increase the milk quantity at each feeding now or just feed more frequently.

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    that seems like a lot of formula to me.....for the first month mine only ever drank about 60 mls....

    how is your baby AFTER they feed? are they irritable? do they seem happy? maybe the baby just likes the comfort of sucking? have you tried giving a dummy/soother/pacifier AFTER the feed?

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    depends on her weight, I was told 150mls per kilo of her weight per day, split out across all her feeds. mine is 6 weeks and around 5.4 kgs so 810mls in total or 120mls (4 ounces) or so per feed. 4 does seem a lot for a 3 week old.

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    Snuggles, our bub was only formula fed as i couldn't breastfeed for medical reasons. I remember there were times when he guzzled his milk and I had to make more. Usually about an ounce more. This usually coincides with the time when bub was going through a growth spurt. And i do recall at 3 weeks, he was on 4 ounces. But my bub did most of his growing size and length in the first six months. So by the time we moved to HK, at 5 months, he was already 10 kgs. This weight has lingered and today at 18 months, he weighs 11.5 kgs.
    His other baby buddies who were formula fed (in Sydney) went through a similar experience.
    So, don't worry about it. Feed your baby what it needs. Baby usually knows when to say stop i reckon.

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