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Need advice on reading/bedtime story with 1 YO

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    I read to my son pretty much since he was born - not so he could understand, but I think just the sound of my voice soothed him. Always did it (and still do) after bath and bottle when he is most relaxed. For about the first year (and more probably), I read the same book every night, and I guess he learnt to associate it with going to sleep. He's now two and it's one of the highlights of our day that he'll sit on our bed with his feet all snuggled in the covers and we'll cuddle up and read together.

    Why don't you try putting him in his cot first and then just sitting beside the cot and reading. He wont necessarily understand you but will enjoy listening to your voice and it will help to relax him while he's lying there.

    Maybe if he's still crawling about before bed, then he's overstimulated and not relaxed?? Do you incorporate quiet / wind-down time at the end of his day? Just a thought.

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    I have been reading to the girls at bedtime since they were 5 months old... I used to just read a story I liked (fairy tales etc.) and they are used to the fact that Mummy reads a story before the LOngggg sleep :)

    Two months ago, following the advice of a kindergarten teacher in the US, I started reading the same two books to them at night, one is called "Twins" :) and the other is "Goodnight Moon". I have the pages facing them and read (upside down for me!). They love the Twins book and one of them will clap when they see the clapping page and then wait for me to pretend to sneeze on another page. Apparently the teacher advised that you read the same books every night and they will learn to read early...
    They dont care so much about Goodnight moon but like a few of the pages and like me saying "Goodnight moon!" in a cheerful voice hahahhaa

    The girls are IN their cribs whilst I'm reading. If interested, they stand and look at the book....

    We also have a 'library' area that they can go to in the day, with their board books etc. They usually like to hang out there for 30 minutes or so daily, flipping the pages of the board books, I patiently say the words and point at the pictures. A month ago, one of my daughters could point at "banana" and "ball" and "pig" when I asked her to show me. Now my other daughter is doing the same thing.

    They are 11 months old this week.

    I also make sure they see ME reading whenever possible (of course its always in very short spurts at this age hahahaa) as I've been told that if your children see you reading a lot, they will also acquire the reading habit!

    1/3J I would persevere with reading to him when he's in bed, without hoping that he's THAT into it. When I was reading random stories and showing the girls pictures, sometimes they looked at the pages (and/or me) and many times, they acted like I wasnt there..... It HAS improved with reading the same books every night. Just by sticking to the same routine and doing every evening, you will notice a difference.

    And yeah, I have very little luck with them when I try to read to them outside of bed, they are interested for 2 seconds then something else gets their attention, I usually persist and finish the story though even if I'm reading to the air - hahahahahahahahahaha

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    Many thanks dear mums! A lot of very practical tips and advice. You help me to regain the courage to start again - in a new way!yeah2

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