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I'm due 1st June 2008 - 3rd baby in 3 years!

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    Hayzee is offline Registered User
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    Mid Levels

    I'm due 1st June 2008 - 3rd baby in 3 years!

    I'm only about 5 weeks, but feel like I've been pregnant for months already! It must be something about second and subsequent pregnancies that make your belly pop out the minute the HPT reads 'Pregnant'!
    My doc is Dr Alex Doo and I'm planning to give birth at Matilda. Doc says he will book me in at my 6 week check up next week.
    Has anyone got any feedback from giving birth recently at Matilda? Are there any rooms better than others? etc?
    I'm thinking about getting the Phil & Teds double stroller for my newborn and my 1 year old (she will be 1 1/2 when baby arrives) and my 2.3 year old (who will be about 3 when baby arrives) can just try and walk everywhere!
    I'm also planning to getting a night maternity nanny for the first 12 weeks after baby arrives, through Rent A Mum. Shirley Robinson has been most understanding. It's very expensive, but I feel it will be worth every penny. I just can't bear to think about going down that path of sleepless nights once again! Has anybody used a night maternity nanny in order to sleep well during the night after baby arrives? (I do feel a tad guilty but I have to get my rest at night to take care of 2 busy toddlers AND a baby).
    And I was just wondering who out there lives in Hong Kong (Mid Levels) and gets around using taxi's? I'll have 2 toddlers and a newborn and I'm wondering if I"ll need to hire a car and a driver so I can get around safely and efficiently. Taxi's drive me crazy and it's very unsafe with the kids not being strapped in. Any thoughts?
    Thanks ladies for listening. I'm off to spinning now at Pure.

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    met_74 is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2005

    due JUNE 11

    wow, 3 kids in 3 years! I could not do that! My two boys are almost 3 and 4 (19 months apart) and now after a good break I am pregnant with baby nmr 3. My duedate is June 11. Last monday I saw Dr. Grace Cheung and had a scan. We saw a nice heartbeat. She booked me in the Mathilda. Have no idea how Mathilda is too be honest. Never been there and had my boys in the UK. Giving birth in HK will be a new experience.

    Ok, going to try to sleep..(tried it before but was tossing and turning even though I am exhausted)

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    There are lots of posts on peoples experiences at Matilda (and other hospitals in HK), just search for 'Matilda,'.

    My son was born at the Matilda last year and I had a fantastic experience. I can't praise the Matilda enough in terms of the staff, service, medical care, food, breastfeeding support etc.

    Have nowhere else to compare it to as this was my first baby, but have spent time in other private hospitals in HK, and the Matilda wins hands down.

    Travelling in taxis is a tricky one....have found it a struggle with just one baby (let alone 3)- we used the maxi cosi/bugaboo combination when our son was small and now have a joeysafe.

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    hol is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan, NT Hong Kong

    Hi Hayzee,
    Slueth and I are expecting our 2nd child on June 4. Dr. Ferguson has already confirmed our booking at Matilda. We are also booking at Union, since we live in NT it is closer if needed. I have heard nothing but greatness about Matilda.

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    cicci is offline Registered User
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    I had my first child at Matilda and had a very positive experience. Am now booked into the Adventist to have my second as the Matilda was full. I recently took my toddler for a routine check-up and vaccinations and his pediatrician said that if they were to have a baby, they would not go to either Matilda or Adventist as they are very impractical to reach and if there are any problems with the baby (touch wood all is fine) it's a long journey to a better equipped hospital. I was recommended the Sanatorium in Happy Valley, another very good private hospital right in the centre of the city. Unfortunately it was fully booked for April.

    Regarding taking taxis with babies, I agree, they are not safe. So my husband and I bought a car, mounted a very good baby seat and I am now my sons' official chauffeur...

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