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Info about Dr Ghosh

  1. Info about Dr Ghosh

    Have recently found that I am pregnant (7 weeks) and we have seen Dr Ghosh once. We didnt have much info about docs and were referred to him by just one friend.

    I have been reading the older posts on this forum to get more info about Dr Ghosh...can someone please share any recent experiences?

    I am also anxious to know about the support facilities that he has- I mean is he easily reachable after his clinic hours? Does he have a nutritionist, mid wife associated with his clinic? I have heard from a friend that Dr Lucy Lord has a hot line where a mid wife can be reached any time of the day.
    Another thing I have been hearing is that Dr Ghosh is an extremely busy doc and sometimes his appointments are a bit rushed. Has that happened to any one here too?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Dr Ghosh is busy like most GOOD OB/GYN but not once was I rushed out of his clinic. I always felt he had plenty of time for me and my questions, which were always many. I saw Dr Ghosh because my pregnancy was 'high risk' . Im not sure if he has a midwife or nutritionist at his clinic. I had some diet issues and Dr Ghosh helped me with those. I also had to have a few emergency appointments too and Dr Ghosh was always available for me. He carries a pager and once when I called him one early morning he got back to me within 5 minutes. He was great throught my pregnancy and birth. I would highly recommend him especially if your pregnancy is 'high risk'. GOOD LUCK

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    Definitely stick with Dr Ghosh. He is very very busy but there is a reason for that....he's THAT good. Unlike a lot of Drs here he has the latest equipment. I know that because I started with a different Dr who is very well regarded on this site, but she forgot to make me a booking at the Matilda so she referred me to Ghosh. He lives there. It all worked out fine and was a blessing in the end. I don't know where you live but I live in Central and if someone went into labor or if he was running late or early the nurses in his clinic would call so that I was never sitting long in his office....just make sure they have your mobile. I also really like his support staff. They are very nice. He has Yvonne Heavyside in his clinic who also runs a well baby clinic there on Mondays. And Dr Thondup is there too. For me it's like one stop shopping which I like so after my daughter was born I could have appts for me and her at the same time. I had a c section with Dr Ghosh and I have practically no scar. Very pleased with the entire experience. I will continue to see Dr Ghosh for my annual well woman exams also. Hope this helps!

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    Agree with all of the above. He is extremely busy because he's extremely good. Appointments are sometimes rearranged by an hour or so if something crops up, but the nurses are very good at doing that to minimise waiting time etc. They also get to know who would like to be called in earlier if he gets to the clinic early etc. Much as his diary is chocca, he always saw me immediately if I had any worries.

    I cannot tell you how wonderful he was at the birth. No stitches, no tears meant super speedy recover and it was all down to him guiding me through. He also disappeared really quickly afterwards allowing my husband and I time together with our new baby but emphasised that he lived on site and could be over withon a minute if we wanted him.

    I saw another doctor in HK before moving to Dr. Ghosh. Without naming names, he was infinitely more thorough, more caring and more professional. The other practice was glitzier with all of the optional extra services mentioned above. However, that was part of the problem - I was a client rather than a patient (really felt as if it was all about profit rather than quality care). Also, you can get excellent midwifery care from Annerly midwives, if you need it. Personally, I thought that the midwives at the Matilda were superb.

    I was a little apprehensive about seeing a new obstetrician. I thought that my obgyn in London was marvellous. However, Dr. Ghosh was much better on all counts (except for the odd wait in his clinic).

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    I had my second one when I was 39, so was in a dilemma whether to have the amineo test. I had the blood test at a glitzy practice in central and was advised to have the amineo on the spot due to my age. I was getting really stressed out as the results of my blood test did not mean that I had to absolutely have the amineo and I was scarred of the pain and risks involved, so on recommendation of a friend, took the report to Dr Ghosh. All I can say is that I just wanted to cry when he told me straight out that in his view, I did not need the amineo. I understand that he is one of the best when it comes to amineo tests. He was the only doctor, and I saw two others who was willing to give me a straight answer. He is soooo nice and answered all my questions and I just felt so safe in his care. Unfortunately, I was not covered with insurance so decided against switching doctors.

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    I'm also part of the Dr Ghosh fan club. We had problems at 16wks and he was so supportive and caring - he's a really human doctor, if you know what I mean. And his nurses at Veritas and at Matilda are lovely.

    He was fantastic at the birth. He's often recommended for C-sections, but I can vouch for the fact that he's great at a natural birth too. His calm coaching during pushing really made my labour manageable.

    Yes, he's very busy and appts are often re-scheduled on the day, but he doesn't rush you out of his clinic. You have plenty of time to ask questions etc.

    I have to say I miss him since giving birth!

  7. Thanks a lot ladies! Info was really helpful...I am definitely feeling reassured and confident about my choice of the doc now! Thanks for the guidance.

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    Can only reiterate what has been said above, I have been through one emergency c-section and 3 miscarriages with Dr Ghosh... He has been absolutely brilliant and was always there when I needed him. If I had to call him out of hours he would ring within 5 minutes. You will have to wait at his clinic, but that is the same for all ob/gyn here, the nurses manage it well so as to minimise your waiting time. Would highly recommend him. Good luck!

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