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brown sugar

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    brown sugar

    I have read that white sugar isnt very good or healthy .how abt brown sugar?
    is it alright to add brown sugar instead for a 3yr old?

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    Here when I have to add sugar to a meal.... ( As my daughter has allergies I'm baking from scratch most muffins, cakes....) I've always added brown sugar.

    Brown sugar is healthier, as it still contains minerals and vitamins.

    However they are two sorts of brown sugar... the real one... usually quite compact, named muscovado for example and that has a strong taste.

    And the fake one... which is essentially white sugar colored in brown which is also named brown sugar... but with lighter taste and consistency close to white sugar.


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    People in the Caribbean laugh at us because we take brown sugar, make it white and then color it brown.
    Brown is bound to be healthier because it is natural. I doubt white sugar is unhealthy, though (unless you eat a ton of it).

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    Sugar is sugar regardless of the color, brown/white, it still is sugar, don't eat to much and brush your teeth. I suppose it is true that brown sugar may have some mierals or vitamins that white sugar wouldn't as it is less processed, but I don't look at sugar as being the source of my child's vitamin and minerals, so Personally I don't think it really matters which color of sugar you give as long as it is in moderations and your child is getting vitamins from healthier sources.

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