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Dad's involvement in birth at Queen Mary?

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    Hi Ssccamper,
    I've benefited from your post and agree with you. Now at least I have an idea of what to expect and will also try to make the most of it. I'll be right there with you!

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    Hi Ladypilot,

    Thanks for that! Made me smile. Just been reading another post on a different thread where someone talked about paying for a doula form Annerley midwives which seemed very interesting. Basically I think you'd want her to come to your house as labour starts and she'd be able to tell you when you NEED to go to QM to go STRAIGHT into the delivery room with your husband. This way you'd maximise your time at home with hubby before the birth and not have any of that waiting nonsense going on at the hospital. As this is my first pregnancy and I'll probably have no idea when to go to hospital, I really like this idea!!! Maybe the best of both worlds??

    Cheers and good luck!!

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    Thumbs down Dads are left in the dark!

    I had to put in my views here, because I felt so gypped about the whole ordeal with delivery at QMH.
    2006 I had decided to use QMH bc I spoke to 2 friends who had deliver there, they were quite happy with the service.
    I have to admit, the service at Tsan Yuk was fantastic experience for me. I used their service for the first baby, but returned to Sydney to deliver her. So my experience in Sydney helped me prepared for the next delivery so I thought!

    IMO, if you have a choice! Don't bother with the QMH maternity....even my local colleagues had thought I was rather brave to try out the Local hospital here. Now I know why! Well, I am a Chinese who don't communicate very well in Cantonese, so they didn't treat me very well.
    It seems they were quite nice to the Caucasian patients, either they are afraid of the complaints or what, I don't know?!

    But they were not nice to the Mandarin Speakers I have seen, because I noticed that they are rather rude to the Chinese who don't speak Cantonese. Maybe because they think we are all from mainland?! Still gives them no right to treat them differently.

    I had a planned CS, that's frowned upon too, because I can hear the nurses complaining about how many CS they have had to take in that day throughout the day. I was then kicked out of hospital after 2.5 days with CS (CS Surgery on Wednesday, check out on Friday afternoon )- because they needed the bed. The doctor said that it's no point for me to stay because I do not have any complications at all in their opinion. The Dr from TY was Dr Hon's team, the lady Doctor Wong who performed the surgery was very impersonal! I felt really deceived, bc the TY nurses had mentioned that QMH Drs will allow for choices on the type of stitches, either dissolving or the removable ones. I was told to request when we go into the theatre. Fine, that's ok. My problem is that there is an ugly scar from my CS here at QMH! compared to the one that was done in Sydney! It's highly visible and not sealed properly. !
    What I really hated was that they don't talk to you at all on what's happenning. Even though my husband was allowed briefly in the CS, he was then taken back out after the delivery. I was left in the ICU for awhile because there was a change in shift and no one attended to me. I was in at 11:00am surgery, didn't get moved into the ward until after 5pm. In the meantime, my husband had no idea what was going on. He was only allowed to come in at 6pm during visiting hours. He could not spend time with the baby or see the baby.
    The rooms are so tight and you are limited to 2 visitors each. Well, I don't have that problem, because it's just me and my husband here in HK.

    On top of that, the nurses are so busy they don't have time to attend to your request for pain killers either! After my morphine wore off from the surgery - had to wait for another 5 hours before they could give me the pain killers. It seemed like they want you to suffer if you had chosen CS! And they told me that I have to get out of bed and walk around the day after surgery!

    Anyway, that's my experience with QMH.
    NEVER AGAIN at a public hospital here in HK....don't know about anywhere else?

    PS: I found out that you can get insurance even after you find out you're pregnant. I think it's Medibroker....they can still provide insurance cover for you.

    Anyway, goodluck with QMH to those who are thinking about it. If it's natural delivery, your pain won't be as bad as mine :)

    I won't have my next baby here that's for sure!

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