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Anyone due April 2008?

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    putput is offline Registered User
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    I may have this wrong but we were deciding between adventist and matilda, and chose matilda. I asked my OB's nurse what would happen if, for any reason, we couldn't get our bed at matilda, which is a rare situation but still could happen, and she said they would then check with adventist to see if we could get a bed there. Not sure if this helps to know at all or if this is a genuinely what happens but thought i'd share what i was advised anyway!

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    padam12 is offline Registered User
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    My wife is due April 13. We just moved here and have been told that we can't get into a private hospital. Does anyone know anything about Queen Mary hospital? Is it good? Is it safe? Can you have your own doctor do the delivery? Thanks.

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    Clowe is offline Registered User
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    Who told you that you can't get into any private hospital in April? That sounds like something you may want to get a second opinion on...

    Re QMH, there are some great threads in this forum about people's experiences so just scroll down the list of topics and look into them.

    Re your own doctor delivering at QM, I don't think so, though it depends on who your doctor is. Most private OB's here only deliver at private hospitals and QM would have a team of their own docs. Best to call them and find out.

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    KKKK is offline Registered User
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    No Private Spaces

    I have been in England for 7 weeks and had my 12 week scan on Monday I am not due till June 15th but was told on Monday there are no private hospital places left at all for June and I would have to use a government hospital. As you can imagine this was a shock to me and I was more than a little annoyed as I'd seen this doctor at 4 weeks for an ectopic diagnosis (or not) scan and he knew then I would be in England till week 12.

    My doctor was eventually able to find the only hospital with spaces left - Union in Sha Tin (not ideal as I live in Happy Valley) I am just glad to have a space though. Although I have no idea yet of the quality of the hospital.

    If you do hear of a way to get spaces at a later date please let me know how because ideally I would prefer one of the hospitals on HK Island.

    Thanks and good luck in your search - I know how scary it is when doctors are telling you there are no spaces etc etc

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    I am due in June also (24th) and was a bit slow in realising i was pregnant so I didn't see a doctor (dawkins) until 8 weeks and 4 days. At this time the matilda was already fully booked but he placed me on the waiting list and was fairly confident that it wouldn't be a problem by the time June comes around. I am being naively confident as well ;-)

    Can your doctor place you on waiting lists for the hospitals on HK island?

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    cicci is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2006
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    I'm pregnant with my second, due on 22 of April. Our first choice was Matilda as that's where my son was born and it was a very positive experience, but we were also told that it was fully booked and so were placed on a waiting list. I went to speak to them in person and was told to not take any chances and ensure I have a spot somewhere else, so now, we're going for the adventist where many of my friends had babies and were very happy. Unfortunately you do have to pay a hefty deposit but for peace of mind, we're happy to do that. At the same time, many of my friends have had babies in public hospitals (all at the Queen Mary's) and again, they had no problems whatsoever and the only complaint I heard from them was that the food was bad...not exactly your main concern when having a baby.

    Anyway, hope all your pregnancies are going well and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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    carmenwong is offline Registered User
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    Hi mommies:
    Good to know some April '08 mommies here...

    I'm pregnant with my 2nd and my due date is around mid April. Planning to go to Queen Mary, just like the last time, had a pretty good experience there the last time I gave birth to my daughter, now 2.5 years old. I had a last minute c-section, me and baby were both well taken care of.

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