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What meat to give?

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    mamaS is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006

    What meat to give?


    My allergic baby is one year old now, he should be ready to eat meat. What meat should i give first? which one has low allergy reaction - fish, chicken, beef or pork?


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    Jan 2007

    I would stick with chicken or beef for first meats.. Pork is said to be too salty to give toddlers in large quantities until they are around two, and many children are allergic to fish as well. That being said, our son has allergic eczema - and he was fine with fish and absolutely loves it - we began with fish stock used in preparation of other foods and he slowly got used to it. Hope that helps!

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    shouson hill

    i think fish and chicken as it is easier to digest than red meats. when introducing meat after 7 months that is what is suggested anyway just to get their digestion used to it - not sure if this is the same for a one year old though. in terms of allergies not sure that any of these are particularly likely to cause an allergy maybe introduce at lunch and make sure no reaction that afternoon.

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    I give to my baby only organic meat (360 very good range). With organic my baby avoid antibiotic, pesticide, hormone, chimical additif, GMO...

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    Chicken is good to start with and a gap of time before starting another one to test for allergies. I started my son on home-made organic bone chicken stock with vege and carbo and chicken meat nearer to 7 months.

    One thing I find difficult to get is fresh chicken from the supermarkets. My son normally eats daily cooked food and I pack the meat in individual packs in the freezer so that my helper can just take one out to cook every day. I thought I found fresh chicken from Great but it seems that it could have been previously frozen. So i'm still on the lookout for a supermarket that sells fresh chicken. Happy for some advice.

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