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car seat on plane?

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Miaka - Just a word of warning, although we really liked the Sunshine Kids car seat and found it easy to use both on the plane and in the car, not everyone likes it. If you do a search on this site, mum of 2 has one as well and didn't like it. It is heavy, so if you get one, it would be best to get a car seat bag or a luggage trolley to wheel it around the airport. Also, if your baby is under a year and you need to use it rear facing, it takes up quite a lot of room and you may need to push the front seat forward. Not a problem if you have a bigger car, but could be a problem in a small car. Forward facing, it fit easily into an economy class seat on the plane.

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    when i saw this post, i sent out an email to the FAA to see which car seats were approved for flying. here's their reply:

    The FAA does not control the approval of child restraint seats. Nor does it recommend one over another. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are the primary standards that manufacturers must meet in order to sell approved child restraint seats. Only then are two labels approved to be attached to the seat and must read as follows:

    This child restraint systems conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards.
    A list of approved, crash tested seats is maintained by NHTSA Office of Vehicle Safety, Compliance, and Equipment Branch.

    For more information about flying with children, visit the NHTSA's website at:

    the website seems to have a thorough list. sigh, no idea what to get (sigh) ....

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Miaka - Your choice might be made easier by what is actually in stock in HK, unless you are thinking of buying one elsewhere and bringing it back to HK as we did.

    When I checked at Bumps to Babes a few months ago, there were only 2 car seats that could be used on the plane because all of the others needed a shoulder belt to secure them. We didn't realise this when we bought a Britax car seat when our baby was born. We then had to buy another car seat to take on the plane which could be secured with a lap belt.

    You'll want to to check the user manual or speak to a salesperson to make sure that the model you are interested in can actually be used on the plane. Probably not all of the car seats on the NHTSA list can be used on the plane.

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    Another thing to worry about now with carseats on planes, is a new style of seat belt that has an airbag.
    Cathay already have it inplace on its new aircraft and are gradually installing it as they refurbish their older aircraft.

    They have some confusing new rules, and it's worth checking first whether your flight is affected.

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    turtle is offline Registered User
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    Flying with CX at Christmas, can you elaborate? Do they have the new rules published on their web site?

    Many thanks

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    We have a Sit-n-Stroll. The wheels fold up under the seat and the handle is telescoping. In the airports it's a stroller, on the plane and in the car it's a car seat. Both forward and backward facing.
    Because of the design it isn't really an open road stroller, but is perfect for airports and malls. This way, when we travel, we only need the one seat.

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