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Birth Practices..

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    Smile Birth Practices..

    May peace be upon you all ..
    I want to know about childbirth customs which may differ across cultures. Can you please take 5 minutes to answer the following qustions.. And i would be thankful


    1- What kind of things did you do to prepare for the birth of your baby?

    2- Did you attend any special classes to prepare for your labor and delivery?

    3- Did you eat any special kinds of foods during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby?

    4-Did you have any prenatal testing such as ultrasound to assess fetal development?

    5- Was there any family member with you during the birth?

    6- At the hospital where you gave birth, was the baby allowed to stay in the same room with you?

    7- What are the things that you did after the baby born? Is there any cultural practices that you had to adhere to after your baby was born?

    Thanks alot for your time.. and i apologize for any time consuming.:)

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    If you are intrested in this topic I recommend the book, Asian Mothers, Western Birth edited by Pranee Liamputtong Rice,

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