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Furniture maker- want baby dresser

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    Furniture maker- want baby dresser

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for a baby dresser- our baby room has no built in wardrobes or storage space so getting the right baby dresser is really important.

    I would like one that is wider than the baby change mat (which I have already from mothercare) so I can keep other things on the top (creams, nappies etc etc!). I also would preferably like one that has "risen edges" around the top rather than just being flat (a bit of comfort that the baby doesn't roll off!).

    I'd prefer a white one- but at this stage I'm open to any colours. We are also looking for a cot so if anyone has a cot & matching dresser that would be ideal!

    Does anyone have anything like this that they would like to sell?

    Our second option is to get this made. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good/reasonably priced furniture maker? I live in Causeway bay (don't want to have to travel off the island). I don't want to have to pay alot to get this made otherwise I'll just order a fancy branded one instead!

    Thanks all,

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    Hi Jane
    I know people have tried Art Deco - seem to be mixed results with problems of smelly paint but I guess if you get this made up well in advance this could be alleviated.

    The BOORI brand cots and dressers in Bumps2Babes look really good too - I am having my second baby in Feb and am looking at getting a cotbed - a cot which turns into a small bed - as the cot my son slept in has had a lot of wear. I noticed they had really nice dressers similar to what you describe. I dont think they are cheap but look well made. well, that's my next stop anyway! The shop which has furniture and samples is in Aplei Chau Horizon Plaza.
    Try IKEA too - the uk website seems to have all the stuff which they sell in Hong Kong.

    Shahira KK

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