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Raising Funds to start a library in Nepal

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    Raising Funds to start a library in Nepal

    Can you help?

    The gents over at Batgung are raising US$10,000 for the 'Room to Read' charity. Enough to build a school library for a village in Nepal, stock it with books, and provide support & training.

    Think what that means - the children's current future is to grow up learning in a school without any printed books. Together we can change that.

    You can follow progress with the "Raising Money" ticker on the right of your screen.

    We've already made a donation on behalf of GeoExpat / GeoBaby.

    Would appreciate all the help you can give us to reach the target, with a donation of your own?

    Next steps:
    - Donate! (NB remember it's in US$, not HK$):
    - Learn more:

    This is being discussed on GeoExpat.Com -

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