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1 yr old drinking too much milk?

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    1 yr old drinking too much milk?

    Hello. My LO is 1 and is still drinking about 40oz of formula milk/day! Still drinking 10pm milk feed and so at night, I have to change my LO's diapers at least 3 or 4 times whilst sleeping bc it just gets soaked through. Any advice on how to reduce the milk intake and also, are there any other parents out there who have the same problem as me? I know I am supposed to reduce the milk intake but LO loves it too much and eats 3 meals a day really well as well.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    why don't you cut down each milk feed by a little at a time?

    instead of giving 180ml, try giving 150? then after a few weeks give 120? that way you are not cutting an entire feed but you are cutting down on the amount of milk?

    also, my son LOVED his milk. he woke up for milk right up until he was almost 2 years old. finally, i just told him one night before i put him to bed that we'd run out of milk that he'd have to wait until morning when we could get to the supermarket. i did it everynight for about a week. he hasn't had milk at night since. i did offer very diluted juice or water instead though. he still puts a no spill sippy cup beside his bed. when he wakes in the middle of the night , then he can drink what he wants.

    good luck!

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    maybe try offering some snacks in addition to the 3 solid meals. my bb loves fruit, yogurt, raisens, cheese...etc.

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    try switching to a cup, children drink a lot less out of a cup than out of a bottle.

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    mine was drinking a lot of milk for her age as well, but paed has said no need to cut down provided that she is taking in her 3 meals fine and get other nutritions as well.
    if the night changing is an issue, have you tried exploring other brands/sizes of diapers? we had the same issue with diapers at night, played around with some pullups and larger sizes and it's a bit better now, the bed only soaks thru maybe once a week.

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