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Prepation for introducing solids?!

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    Prepation for introducing solids?!

    For a few more weeks my baby will be 6 months old... time for me to introduce him solid. Can anyone advise what do I need to prepare for this (ie. utensils, food etc) and what and how you normally introduce solid for the first time? What about his regular bottles. How do you feed during the day?

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    i'd suggest you find a book by annabel karmel, i'm sure that rani sells them on

    they're great and will give you all the info you need to know, plus great recipes!

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    The more important is to introduce one veggie/fruit by one. Like is you reduce the risk of allergy.

    For my daughter, I tried apple jar during 4 days, after carrots 4 days, after potatoes 3 days, after carrots & potatoes 3 days, ... and after I added cereal like quinoa (rich in protein)/whole rice mix with carrot jar...

    I give only organic food for my baby because babies eat more food per kilogram of body weight than adults – risking eating, on this basis, up to five times more chemical residues in ordinary foods than adults. So I go to shop in 360 or


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    my baby is almost 4 months old and i'm still waiting with the solids. however, i'll start with congee and oatmeal, THEN i'll introduce veggies and fruit and cereals.
    a good time to introduce (i read) is before noon, when baby is in a good mood. don't introduce solids in the night time. if baby gets sick, then you don't want to go to the hospital at night :)

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    organic rice cereal. fresh apple to steam. small plastic spoon. plastic mat or disposable table cloth to protect the floor. bibs. wet towel to wipe your hands & baby's face. i liked using the Avent disposable cups to store & feed.

    i started with morning feed. probably mid morning. i started with rice cereal with bm for 1st week. then steamed apples for the next week. then steamed apple w/ rice cereal/bm mixture.

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