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Morning sickness - help !

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    Unhappy Morning sickness - help !

    I'm now 7 weeks into my pregnancy. For the past 3 weeks I've been having really bad morning sickness - just feeling bad the whole day long. I feel as if I have indigestion and want to burp, and a general feeling of nauseous. Feeling tired no matter how long I sleep ! Anyone know of any natural remedies that can help ? Thanks !

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    i feel your pain sistah... what helped me was to think that this is a small price to pay for such a huge "payoff" in the end...

    natural remedies... for me EXERCISE helped a LOT. i have always been a regular gym goer so i just kept it up. and it saved me. i am now 15+ weeks and i can tell you that on the days i have gone to the gym i've felt loads better than those days i skipped. but in general i think it raises your endorphin levels to combat the big baaaaad pregnancy hormones. focus on the cardio - gentle running or cross trainer or cycling or swimming is super.

    also, drink lots of water and get tons of rest. believe me, the less sleep you get, the worse you'll feel. the water helps bigtime too.

    good luck.

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    i lost 20+ lbs with my first pregnancy and suffered like you wouldn't believe!

    second time round, i asked the dr for meds to help. they took the edge off, but i still had the feeling....

    good luck! only 33 more weeks to go!

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