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5 month old BF question

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    5 month old BF question

    With my older one, she was bottle fed breast milk, so when we cut her dream feed at 5-6 months, we just gradually decreased the amount of that feed while increasing the amounts during the day.

    Now I am BF my second one who is 5 months old now and here's our schedule:

    7 am - EBM 5 oz
    11 am - Breastfeed
    2:30 pm - Breastfeed
    5:45 pm - Breastfeed (goes to bed at about 6:30 - 7 pm)
    8:30 pm - Breastfeed
    11:30 pm - EMB 5 oz

    Does it seem like I am feeding too many times between 5 and midnight? She doesn't wake up in the night after she goes down at 7 pm. Sometimes when I have to go out and cannot be home in time to feed her, she will get another bottle of EBM.

    The reason I want to do this is because she goes down to sleep after the 6 pm feed so in essence, I have to dreamfeed her twice, 8:30 pm and midnight. Right now I am trying to give her a bottle at 8:30 pm of 4 oz and then a 6 oz bottle at 11:30 pm. The first feed I want to cut is the 8:30 one cos I want her to sleep a longer stretch between 6 pm and the dreamfeed.

    Just want to add that she is 5 months and 17 lbs so she is definitely gaining well.


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