Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out as I have a question about IUI. I've been doing my second round of injectibles, and we're going to have IUI on Friday (we tried naturally last month, but as my husband's sperm has never been tested, my Dr suggested we get that done and have IUI at the same time this month). Anyway, I'm going in on Thursday at 1pm, when I'm expecting to have my trigger shot ready for ovulation on Friday. I'm a little concerned however, because my Dr said they 'do IUI at 11am', but I can come in at 12.30 as I work and they can do it then. From having read up on-line about IUI, this seems very early to do it (less that 24 hours after trigger). Everything I've read says IUI is usually done 36 hours after the trigger shot, and it seems my Dr does it at a set time regardless of when the patient has had the trigger. I'm worried that this will either decrease my chances, or increase the chance of an ectopic pregnancy.
Can anyone share their IUI experiences? Has anyone else had it so soon after a trigger shot? I just really don't want my chances this cycle to be ruined, and I can feel myself getting worried, which is not going ot help! I know my Dr probably knows best, but could do with some reassurance.

Thank you!