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How long is EBM good out of the fridge?

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    How long is EBM good out of the fridge?

    Hi, I know that EMB freshly pumped in a sealed container can stay good for up to 8 hours at room temp - but what if you pump it, put it straight in the fridge then take it out later? E.g. at midnight I take a bottle of EBM out of the fridge (pumped that day and immediately refridgerated) and leave it in a rubber bottle warmer by the bed. When my baby wakes at between 5 or 6am it's at room temperature and I can feed her straight away.

    I also take refridgerated bottles in warmers with me when I go out. Nothing has ever smelt off, but I can't find anything on the internet that gives an approximate timing for EBM immediately refridgerated then taken out!

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    Human Milk Storage Guidelines
    At room temperature 66-72°F(l9-22°C) 10 hours
    In a refrigerator 32-39°F(O-4°C) 8 days
    In a freezer compartment inside a refrigerator - temperature varies 2 weeks
    In a freezer compartment with a separate door - temperature varies 3-4 months
    In a separate deep freeze 0°F (-19°C) 6 months or longer

    I’m assuming the rubber bottle warmer is keeping the milk cool. I know not as cold as the fridge but still somewhat cool. If so then I don’t think that you should have any problems.

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