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Where to buy hip carrier?

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    Klam is offline Registered User
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    I use my hippy chick all the time, it's so convenient. My son is now 18 months and it's more convenient than the slings and carriers as he can't fit into them anymore and also I can put down for a walk and pick him back on whenever he wants to. I've always prefered the hippy chick as I've always found the conventional carriers too hot during the summer and both my daughter and son hated being strapped in although they are more convenient when both hands are needed.
    I have my hippy chick pretty tight around my waist so it does take the weight off my spine, arms, hips and waist.
    The best thing is, I get great reaction from the local chinese when I go the wet market as everyone admires how strong (I'm 5" tall) I am holding my 27lb child with one arm without breaking a a sweat and walking with such ease! and then I tell them that he's actually seating on a hippychick and they stare in amazement and comment on what a great invention it is...exactly!
    Then you get the comment on how us mothers have it easier these days with all these new gadgets ! :0

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    i use it seldom cos i find it veryhot around the waist in the summer in HK. but i was glad i did use it one time. i was walking on Stanley street in central, very crowded & it ground was not flat, i tripped & fell. lucky my girl (who's 2.5yr & weighs 14kgs), didn't get hurt, cos i had both arms on her back & her bump was protected by the hippychick seat. altho i had a hairline fracture on my knee. if it weren't for the hippychikc seat, she would've fell thru my arms & hit her bump & spine.

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