Thanks again!
I hope to get in today or the latest tomorrow. I do work here in HK, teaching English at a local school, so today could be tough. I will call a few doctors and hopefully find one that will do the test right there!

Yes, now that I know, It is killing me not to 'know' for SURE! As strange as it seems, at first, I just did not put the clues together!

We hadn't 'really' been trying too hard! I had only recently gone off the pill, and I am 35, so my doctor said it could be awhile...and I know many friends in the US, needed 'help' getting pregnant, I was urged to start charting my ovulation, which I started for a few weeks and gave up because it was too hard to remember each morning! So, really this was just like a total shock and surprise! And now that I am coming to terms with it more, a wonderful one! My husband is overjoyed and extatic to say the least!

And I couldn't ask for more information or support than you all have available here!
I will keep you posted!