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new mum needs help

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    Dear Mojojojo,

    Please get some help with positioning and latching your baby.

    Generally the points to remember are:

    • Sit comfortably with your back straight and your lap flat.
    • You may use a pillow to support your arms but you need to be holding the baby.
    • Turn your baby’s body towards your tummy.
    • Tuck your baby’s bottom under your elbow.
    • Hold your baby at the top of the back, behind the neck and between the shoulders.
    • Your baby’s head should be tilted so that he is coming to your breast chin first.
    • Start with your baby’s nose opposite your nipple
    • Allow your baby’s head to tilt back and move your baby’s mouth gentle across the underside of your breast until your baby’s mouth opens really wide.
    • Bring your baby towards your breast quickly
    • Baby’s bottom lip and chin should touch your breast first.
    • Your Baby’s chin is in close contact with your breast.
    • Your baby is able to breathe easily.
    • You can feel your baby has a big mouthful of breast.

    It doesn't matter what position you are feeding in and the points are valid for all positions.

    The characteristics of a good latch are:
    • Baby’s chin touches the breast.
    • Baby’s nose does not.
    • Baby covers more of the areola with lower lip than with upper lip.
    • More of the areola shows above
    • Baby slightly tilted upwards.

    If you would like me to send you some photographs to go with these ideas please e-mail at [email protected]

    On Dr Jack Newman's web site there are a number of videos showing what a baby nursing looks like. I recommend that you watch them.
    There are some videos under Latching about half way down the page. These show how to achieve the asymmetrical latch, which is the most efficient way to breastfeed.
    (but remember not to try to pull the baby's chin down! He does this is the video but I think it is more helpful to take the baby off and relatch.)

    Dr Newman is quoted as saying, "The key to successful breastfeeding is proper latch-on!"

    Generally sore nipples will heal as soon as the positioning and latch are improved. If you find that the sore nipples are not improving but you are happy with the positioning and latch it tends to mean that you have an infection on your nipples which is stopping the healing. In this case it is best to visit a doctor to get medicine for the infection. It would be very difficult to guess the infection without seeing it. The most common types of infection are yeast, fungal and bacterial.

    Best wishes,

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    congrats on your new baby

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