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Agency to avoid.

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    Thumbs down Agency to avoid.

    You may have had a good experience with EMRY's but I didn't. So this is my rant about their lack of service for employers who do not wish to be inconvenienced, especially working parents.
    I've just processed my DH's paperwork with EMRY's.
    It has been an appalling experience. I should have done the work myself. After waiting for a long time (about 6 weeks), EMRY's did not get back to me regarding my DH's VCA No. I rang and was told that I had to chase it up with immigration myself as I was the employer. They took forever to return your calls. There were days when I had to wait til the end of the business day despite ringing up at the start of the business day.
    I was only informed of at the end of the business day on the day before my DH was supposed to arrive. When asked to mail documents to me e.g. receipts, they said that they do not provide such a service.... I had to send my DH to pick it up.
    They are very polite when you are enquiring but in general post payment service was extremely SLACK! When it was time to get the paperwork organised, they requested for a lot of information that was unnecessary (which immigration did not even require) that would divulge a lot more personal information that could potentially lead to identity theft or fraud.
    Amongst the hundreds of agencies out there, I reckon you'd save yourself a lot of time and energy using another.

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    What branch did you go to? I know they have in Wan Chai and Central.

    I did mine at Central, it was good except they decided to change the flight earlier and i have to pay additional $50. I insisted that they should have informed me first as i'm not in a hurry. They claimed it was my helper in Manila who approved of it.

    You're right in returning calls, you have to make the follow up if not, they won't remember you.

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