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Advice on how to deal with time zone differences

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    Advice on how to deal with time zone differences

    Well first time on Geobaby, but quite a few will know me from Geoexpat!

    We're running off back to England for Christmas, spending 12 days there. Our little princess will be just over 5 months old and the wife is worrying about the time changes going there and coming back.

    How do you deal with that? Feeding, sleep patterns,etc? Advice?!

    Thanks all

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    when we went back to the states this past summer my LO was 9 mos. for the flight, i kept her on her regular schedule so i chose afternoon flights. this way she would sleep thru most of the latter half of the flight. after we arrived, i just let her lead. she adjusted herself in about 3 days. exposure to light and keeping her distracted w/ the excitement of new places and things helped to keep her away just a wee bit longer during the day. the first day was the hardest bc she didn't go down for sleep until 3am and i was exhausted.

    when returning to hk, it took her about a week to adjust back to hk time.

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    mommy sara is offline Registered User
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    I always try to adjust to the new time as soon as we get on the plane. By the time you land they are so confused about the time and the schedule they usually just go with the flow. I find comming back is always harder but then at least you are at home.

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