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Was breastfeeding difficult after a C-Section?

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    cxflygirl is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007
    Hong Kong, Lantau

    Peainpod.. I am also due in March and having baby in Maltida.. when is ur due date?? r u having an elective C Section?

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    momofthree is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006
    Hong Kong

    I have had three C-sections,the last one being in HK at the Adventist.I never had any problems BF other than the normal "newbie" issues first time around.Nothing that a good lactation consultant or nurse couldn't assist me with.

    With my first two I had the baby with me from delivery to being wheeled into my room and baby latched on with in half and hour of delivery.My third,here in HK,they wanted to"warm" the baby first.I told them to bring the baby to me immediately and insisted that there was nothing warmer for him than being next to me.They relented and I had my baby room in with me as much as I wanted even though I was not in a private ward.As a third time mother I felt more confident and ready to stand my ground.I did feel that if I was a first time mom delivering there it might not have been so supportive.

    Having said that,I was under the impression that they would try and schedule my baby when he was in the nursery and only bring him to me say every three to four hours.This was not the case and never once was he crying when the bought him to me which tells me they were watching for all the other clues that baby was hungry before the crying.

    To sum up,physically I had no issues with breastfeeding after a C-section.I was very sure in my decision to make a success of it no matter what and to do it exclusively,I think this can make all the difference.

    I had much more support with my first two deliveries than with my third at the Adventist,but maybe thats just because they figured I did not need as much help.

    Attend some La Leche meeting before the birth and have a couple of numbers handy so that you can call on outside assistance if you need it.

    PS Off the BF topic but something I had in my last to sections which I thought was just wonderful.The surgical screen was lowered for me to see my baby being lifted out into the world-as close to "natural childbirth" as you can get in an operating theatre!!I highly recommend it

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Ideally when a baby is born it will be placed on the mothers body. This is not always possible after a cesarean section. One thing to consider is having the father to do the skin-to-skin contact instead. Then when the mother is more able to breastfeed (usually 40 to 60 minutes later) she can take over. It is a great way for the baby and father to bond.

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    loft71 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2006

    I delivered my first bb by c-s in Feb this year at Matilda. I breastfed my girl exclusively for 8months but I gave up recently cos I was tired being a full-time working mom. I must say that the midwives & nurses at Matilda did excellent jobs to make me successful in bf. My midwife brought my bb to me soon after I was pushed back to the room. I was very tired then after the ops & epidural which made me sleepy but I persisted..To reply to your questions, there's no prob to bf at all. Milk supply is depending on how often u let your bb latch on (demand & supply theory in bf!). My girl was in the 80-95 percentile & now 11.5kg at 9mths. Just keep your spirit high to overcome weariness as u need to bf round the clock & non-stop changing nappy etc. Physically I have no problem too, lie down & find a comfortable position to latch on, the bf pillow does wonder! No formula & no water at all for excl bf. My friend who had emergency c-s was successful to bf too eventho she had a GA ops & start bf nearly 24hd after birth but insisted no formula for her bb, only water by spoon..

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I had emergency c-section at Matilda and my baby was brought to me as soon as he was born (well he was cleaned up first) and then brought straight to me, before I was sewn up!
    They also tried to start b/f then....a nurse was then with me most of the night getting b/f started.....and everything went pretty smoothly from there.
    The Matilda is fantastic for b/f support....and I had no problems b/f after c/section.

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    JoTs is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
    Hong Kong

    Hi, I had an emergency c-section with my baby (he is now 2!) and had no problem breastfeeding at all. I first breastfed him in the recovery room. It was exhausting during the first night as I had to call the midwife every time he needed feeding as I couldn't pick him up myself (I had him in the UK where you keep your baby by your side at all times).

    If I remember rightly my milk came in a day late so he lost a little bit too much weight in that first week, but he very quickly made up for it. I breastfed until he was about 8 months old.

    I am due again in April and will have an elective c-section at Matilda - am hoping breastfeeding is as straightforward as last time - I really enjoyed it!

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hong Kong

    I delivered my first via c-section and had a natural birth for the second one. I did not find there to be a difference at all in terms of difficulty with b'feeding. The only difference was that I could not immediately b'feed my baby after the c-section. I had to wait until he was cleaned and checked by the pedia until he was given to me, which was around 2 hours later. Not sure if this was hospital policy or because of the fact that I had a c-section. With the second one, I was handed the baby for b'feeding after she was cleaned (15 minutes later).

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