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My personal Queen Mary experience

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    It's amazing how people can have such a range of experiences from the same hospital.

    My birth experience was fantastic there last year.
    A lot of the things my husband and I asked for and recieved, we'd been told were IMPOSSIBLE at public hospital.
    We were very polite but insistent.
    Of course I didn't have any of the complications of lady pilot.

    This year I went in for a tube removal, due to an ectopic pregnancy.
    Once again it was a great experience.
    At one stage I was incredibly ill, (it turned out I had a temp of 40) and the nurses were too busy to give me attention.
    I basically didn't shut up and kept insisting that I see a Dr, and within 30 mins had a Dr attending me.

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    Also, I made them wait 10 mins before taking me to surgery while I called my husband, who was at home with our baby with no idea what was happening.
    They were very patient, and directed him to the waiting area outside the OR so he could be there when I came out.

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    lyncslb is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2007
    Happy Valley

    Worried dad to be

    I have been told that it’s not uncommon for partners to be banned from being present at the birth especially for cesarean. Is this true? I certainly want to be there whether I'm helpful or not is a different matter but i don’t want my wife to be there alone.

    Does anyone know the HK hospitals policy on this? Sorry if I have put this on the wrong thread i'm a tad new to this, but any advice would be grateful. p.s. (Really sorry to hear about your ectopic Matty hope you feel ok now). Cheers Steve

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    if it is an emergency c-section, the general policy is no dads. if it is an elective, the it is usually ok. HOWEVER, if you it is a c-section under general anesthesia, then they are not allowed.

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    RebeccaMB is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2003

    To the original poster, I HEAR YOU!!!

    i wasn't at QMH, i was at PWH in ShaTin and am only grateful that i made it past my "preterm" mark of 35wks so i could deliver privately. I was carrying twins, and was admitted last year to PWH with large Kidney stones. i was told, "pain!! no problem. you wait for doctor" (it was close to 3hrs AFTER being admitted) ... for those who aren't familiar with K.stones, THEY ARE EXCRUCIATING!! I've had 3 c/sections, and teh pain from that doesn't even compare... (in my experience) --of course, i always had enough pain meds w my c/sections.

    the worst part of my stay (apart from NEVER being understood) was that they (jr drs) wanted to perform an open surgery to release the pressure from my kidney (it honestly felt like, "hey, let's try this" with no regard to the extreme risks of preterm delivery). LIterally put a hole in my back ... i was only 32wks at the time. I went so far as to call my private OB and get his advice and he even spoke to the intern and expressed his opinion (that it was unnecessary). They still pushed for the surgury. ONLY after the head of high-risks at PWH was called in, was i informed by him that this surgury was unnecessary and the whole schmoozle stopped... but that was literally 30min-1hr before i was supposed to go into the OR. I just thank God that this head Dr stepped in!!!

    NOW on the positive side, they DID provide me with a "grandma walker" to get to and from the toilets (i couldn't stand solidly on my own for pain); they didn't freak out when my husband showed up outside of VHours (tho it only happened 1 or 2x); the nurses did respond to my yelps of pain, but only becuase other expectant mums (my neighbors in teh wing) would get up (mid their own contractions) and go to the nurses station to report i was (agian) in tooo much pain. I had the bruises on my legs from teh shots of pethidin (sp?) for weeks after (they don't waste any time/empathy there -- even my bedsheets had streaks of blood from the different holes in my legs :-0)

    HOWEVER .... one of my boys did spend time at QMH NICU and THEY WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD FANTASTIC, SUPPORTIVE, INFORMATIVE, REASSURING, COMFORTING, CALMING ... should you need them, THOSE nurses in NICU QMH ARE the ones who will hold your hand ...albeit quickly ... in comfort and understanding.

    (most) frustrations/problems in the public system are a direct cause of this overload. I know/understand why it's happening, i just don't know why it's being "allowed" to happen. surely if residents/patients AND MEDICAL STAFF are being effected soo much, somethign more should be done. what i find even more shocking is how it's affecting the private system sooo much too. i was lucky; at least with all of my births, i never once had to worry about "where" i'd be going. but then my last delivery was in january 07 ... perhaps before the current crisis. (tho at the time PWH was DEFINITELY feeling the stresses of overcrowding)

    BUT AGAIN, in the end, the most important thing to remember is your lifetime with your blessed child

    ps. regarding the meds.. my drs always prescribed more than enough meds, at least for the first few days. i remember being on something super strong, plus pethidin if i needed, then it was reduced to pethidin and dologisic, but they slowly weened me off over the 5 days (even discharged w dologisic for home --- but i'd stopped needing anything after day 4) ... as long as it was written in a chart or the dr was phoned, meds shouldn't be a problem ... and YES i was bfeeding

    ok not so much a quick post

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