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C-Section at Matilda

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    C-Section at Matilda

    Can anyone share their experiences of a c-section at Matilda.

    I am due in April 2008 and am probably going to have an elective c-section as I had an emergency one with my 2 year old son. I gave birth to my son in the UK and pain relief was not a problem - they gave me enough that I bearly felt any pain post birth.

    I have read a few things that suggest Hong Kong is different and you can be in a lot of pain after a c-section - is this true at Matilda? (I am booked in there).

    Also, do they let the Dad stay with you during the c-section at Matilda?



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    Kitty007 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2007

    I just gave birth at Matilda in Oct, I had an emergency c-section there. I had the c-section in the evening and I could bearly walk by myself the next morning. It was quite painful at the beginning, but after taking the pain killer, it's fine. As discussed with my friends, some of them feel very painful but some of them don't. I think it all depends on how good is the doctor and how much pain you can bear.

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    momofthree is offline Registered User
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    I have had three sections with only the last one being in HK.It was my least painful and quickest recovery.I put this down to the skill of my doctor in stitching me up well and also to the wonders of a pain block,which was not given to me for my first two.I was pain free for 28hours.

    My understanding is with a scheduled C-section at both a private and public hospital you would be bale to have your husband with you.

    Good luck

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    turtle is offline Registered User
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    I had an emergency C two years ago at the Matilda. I really wanted a natural birth but at the time there was no question as there were complications.

    I was walking the next day and recovered super-quickly. The best advice I was given was to stay on top of your pain management and take the medication they give you, don't try to be a hero and not take it. All staff at Matilda were truly excellent, including the anethetist (sp.) Dr Tay.

    I was very wary of the whole C-section thing at the time, mainly because my choice of natural delivery was taken away from me but to be honest I would be very happy to have another one with #2.

    The Matilda is a fantastic hospital, just a little busy like all hospitals in HOng KOng right now! Good luck

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    kashismum is offline Registered User
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    I was there in March - almost NO pain, brilliant stitching so almost no scar (after 2!) and, yes, hubby can be with you throughout. He will probably be the first to hold your baby and go back to the ward with him/her while they sew you up.

    Don't worry - they don't call it 'Hotel Matilda' for nothing!

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