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Moving to HK at 32 Weeks

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    Moving to HK at 32 Weeks


    My husband company has requested for us to move to HK in a few weeks - I will be about 32 weeks pregnant by then.
    During our recent visit to HK, I was shock to find out how expensive birthing can be there. Because we have no pre-booking (I rang Matilda and they told me they are fully booked) or health insurance coverage, I am totally at a loss as to what opinions we have.
    I would like to find out if there is anyone who had gone through this experience - moving to HK in the last months of pregnancy. Could you please share your experience - eg. how long it took to find an apartment, which hospital OB/GYN did you choose?


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    As a HK id card holder you will be entitled to give birth in a public hospital.
    I gave birth last year at Queen Mary Hospital.
    The medical care is first rate and the staff are nice.
    The meals are not great, and there are no frills.
    You won't be able to choose your OB.

    All in all it cost $250.

    2nd time around I'm planning to do it exactly the same way again.

    Hope this helps.

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