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GSIS/FIS/CIS/Cdn Intl/Victoria your views?

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    GSIS/FIS/CIS/Cdn Intl/Victoria your views?


    my daughter is currently attending Victoria pre nursery and seems to enjoy it, though only going twice a week. i want her to learn cantonese, and eventually manderin as our main language at home will be english (with daddy) and canto (canto/eng with me).

    however, i'd also like any views you may have on GSIS, FIS, CIS and Cdn int'l as i have applied for these as well. although of course it would depend on if she is accepted at these schools. i know all of these are very good schools and high in demand. perhaps i am still a little unclear what i am looking for in a school.

    my problem is that i, so far, am very happy with Victoria and understand that it is a very reputable school, and am now thinking that she could continue here and eventually switch to victoria shanghai academy.

    if i could just ask any of you for views on these schools, i'd very much appreciate it!

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    Have heard good comments about some international schools you mentioned but not Victoria Shanghai Academy. Is it the one previously located at Eastern Hospital Road, CWB? Would be interested to hear others' feedback as well.

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